The Markey Escape Rooms

Can You Escape The Room?

Welcome to The Markey Escape Rooms in Fort Collins, Colorado, where you and your teammates are the stars of your escape room experience!

Our movie-inspired rooms immerse you in classic film-style adventures, mysteries, and fantasy. Become an archaeologist solving the mysteries of an Ancient Egypt tomb, or an amateur detective in a whodunit that'll keep you guessing till the end.

puzzles and clues
What lies behind this door?

Conveniently located at Prospect and College in Midtown, Fort Collins, right next to CSU, The Markey provides interactive entertainment where YOU get to participate through teamwork and puzzle-solving fun. Great for families, friends, team-building, celebrations, and more.

If you're looking for fun things to do today in Fort Collins, or you'd like to book your escape room challenge or team-building activities soon, we invite you to try our premier room, the Tomb Of The Forgotten! Solve clues left behind by Ancient Egyptians as well as archaeologists who may — or may not — have made it out alive. Can you unravel the secrets locked within this ancient chamber?

We have additional fun and exciting escape rooms in the works, so please check back often for updates on coming attractions.

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