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Welcome to The Markey Escape Rooms in Fort Collins, Colorado, where you and your teammates are the stars of your escape room experience!

Our movie-inspired rooms immerse you in classic film-style adventures, mysteries, and fantasy. Become an archaeologist solving the mysteries of an Ancient Egypt tomb, or step through a looking glass to awaken a mystical land trapped in eternal night.


Conveniently located at Prospect and College in Midtown, Fort Collins, right next to CSU, The Markey provides an interactive entertainment experience where you get to participate through teamwork and puzzle-solving fun. Great for families, friends, team-building, celebrations, and more.

If you're looking for fun things to do today in Fort Collins, or you'd like to book your upcoming escape room challenge or team-building activity, we invite you to try our newest room, Midnight in Wonderland! The White Rabbit invites you to step through the looking glass to track down the mischievous Cheshire Cat who has stolen the key to Wonderland's clock. You'll have one hour to sort through the nonsense, tumble your way through the mazes and puzzles, and perhaps stop for a spot of tea. But beware, staying too long in Wonderland may drive you mad as a hatter!

We have additional fun and exciting escape rooms in the works, so please check back often for updates on coming attractions.

We also sell gift vouchers!

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Our Reviews

“Five Stars”
“Super fun. Very welcoming and dedicated staff. Would 100% recommend. Excellent value too! And the rooms are well ventilated, does not smell stuffy at all.”
“Great escape room! Definitely recommend giving The Markey a try.”
“This was such fun escape room! I had done a few before and this was one of the best. It was difficult, but not too much so. We didn’t escape but got super close and for two players, it was still very satisfying! We will absolutely be back for more rooms!”
“5 stars”
“We had a mix of escape room adventurers from a first-timer to an old-hat with more than 40 escape rooms under her belt and still almost missed getting out. It was a great time for all involved! Definitely in my top 5 favorite escape rooms. It was different than most escape rooms and that was part of the charm and the hosts were terrific. So nice that they offer a student and child discount too. Can't wait to try their next escape room!”
“I went with some friends from school as an end of the semester celebration had a great time in the Tomb of the Forgotten! We got out at the last second. As someone who used to work at an escape room, I found the puzzles challenging but fun and the room set was immersive and well designed. We were given hints as needed without penalty but I think we also did a good job not asking for too many.”
“Spoiler: This is a truly excellent escape room! My wife and I have done over 20 different rooms, and Tomb of the Forgotten is one of the very best. I won't include any actual spoilers (obviously), but I will say that Markey avoids many of the common pitfalls in escape rooms and ascends to elite status. There are *actual puzzles* here, not just finding a number on a wall and putting it into a lock. The props are very well constructed, and the story fits well. This is challenging (we didn't quite finish in time, but were allowed to complete the room anyway), but I personally view that as a positive. Completing this room feels like an accomplishment, not an inevitability. Highly recommended!”
“5 stars”
“Super FUN birthday experience! My wife surprised me with a visit to Markey Escape Room for my birthday, and it was a BLAST!! It was myself, her and a friend of ours, and was the first time any of us would ever done an escape room. This one was an Egyptian tomb theme. The set design was really well done, it really added to the atmosphere, and the puzzles were great and very creative. Challenging, but we did manage to solve it with only 13 seconds left (we had an hour)! Teamwork and communication was key. I would absolutely go again, and I’m looking forward to what they come up with next!”
“You know when there are times that you have a lot of fun and other times when you have SO MUCH FUN? This was the latter. We absolutely LOVED it! The room was so thorough, totally enveloped us in the game. The puzzles were super clever. I cannot recommend The Markey Escape Rooms enough. Everyone in NoCO should make an appointment and go experience it.”
“Hands down one of my favorite escape rooms! We did The Tomb of the Forgotten and I can only say that I will not be forgetting this tomb anytime soon! The puzzles were challenging but still so unique and fun to solve. There was a lot of thought and originality put into this escape room and it shines through. I can’t wait to do more escape rooms at The Markey Escape Rooms! Thanks for a phenomenal time :)”
“Very impressed! The staff was great and the room was quite well done. Lots of cool contraptions and a variety of puzzles that we haven't seen in other rooms. Can't wait for more rooms!”
“Amazing experience. Would 100% go again. The tomb theme was awesome..”
“Awesome experience. I host was amazing at introducing the game and getting us started..”
“Four Stars”
“Fun escape room!! We have done tons and they start feeling repetitive. This one only had 1 lock...the rest was ciphers, puzzles and such! A really fun change and an overall enjoyable activity!”
“My friend group had so much fun here tonight! We escaped and can’t wait for another room to come out so we can come again. Thank you to our host for a fun filled evening!”
“This was SO fun! Well staged with attention to detail. A great time with family. Highly recommend”
“Fun game! We'll be back when you have a new room.”
“Loved it!!! So much fun!!”
“Amazing experience!!!”
“I have done a few escape rooms in Fort Collins. This escape room was the most fun I have had yet! We had the Egyptian room and the quest and clues and layout was excellent. From the decor to the way the clues in the process were set up I was very impressed. My children also enjoyed the room and the evening! We will definitely be back for the next escape room. From entering and being greeted by a staff member to the history and review prior to going into the escape room the experience was excellent. We felt like we were VIPs and we were well taken care of. The facility itself is very clean and well organized. The attention to details both outside the escape room and inside are wonderful. If you were looking for an Escape Room in the area I highly recommend Markey. Book ahead and lock in your reservation for an evening of fun and challenge. We worked the entire hour to solve the puzzle which was very rewarding.”
“We had a great time! Different puzzles than other escape rooms we have tried. Susanne was very nice and helpful.”
“Played their room a couple months ago and had a blast! Super creative puzzles with a good atmosphere.”
“5 stars”
“Such incredible fun! Great ambience, fantastic story, the puzzles were the right level of difficulty for my sweetheart and I. It was our first escape room together and we made it out with >7 minutes to spare because we’re a couple of BAMFs. Best birthday gift I’ve had in years.”
“So much fun! Word puzzles, ciphers, and even a little bit of digging around for artifacts. Our whole party had a blast.”
“Employees are great, the set is beautiful, and the puzzle was fun and challenging.”
Tomb of the Forgotten A fun room but, there is a lot (a TON) of time consuming translations that have to be done before you get to the actual puzzles. The construction is pretty basic, mostly painted plywood and the props are all very simple, but it doesn’t really stop you from enjoying the room. I must say it again, despite my critique It’s still a fun room.”
“We took in the Tomb of the Forgotten - what an absolutely FUN experience! We escaped with just under 11 minutes to spare. This ranks among one of our favorites to date! We highly reccomend! We were a group of 4.”
“Susanne was very kind! Even though we didn’t escape in time, she showed us how to finish the job. This was so fun for our work party!”
“What fun this room was! Suzanne gave our group excellent instructions ahead of time, and instructed us how we could ask for a hint if we got stuck. And our group did need to ask for a hint a few times! The room has a lot of attention to detail and a fun back story. It’s challenging but not impossible. Highly recommended.”
“Great escape room, a lot of fun with their current room, and will definitely be going back for the next clue room!”
“Tomb of the Forgot was a great room. VERY challenging with just two people, so highly recommend wrangling a couple friends to go with you, be we made it out with one minute to spare!”
“Had a blast doing Tomb of the Forgotten last night! Very challenging, and all the puzzles were really well-designed. The storyline is great, the puzzles were really well designed, and there were more than a few that I’d never seen before. Very cool escape room, and very much worth the trip.”
“Tomb of the forgotten was fantastic. We made it out with one minute to spare!!! Probably less hectic if you do it with more than two people.”
“I went with a group of 5 adults and 3 kids and we had a blast! There was a great mixture of difficult puzzles and easier ones so that we all had a part to play. There were also several fun little surprises. Our host was wonderful - very kind and welcoming! We will be back when the next room opens. Such a fun experience!”
“Really fun experience! Great puzzle, we had a party of 5 and everyone had an equal challenge. We’re excited to try the next one!”
“A really good time! Great staff.”
“Such a great time! The people running everything are so kind and helpful! We will definitely be back for the next one!”
“Great place for all ages. Very helpful staff. They were welcoming and accommodating to us.”
“My coworkers and I did the Tomb of the Forgotten at the Markey and it was so much fun! They had some very unique puzzles I had not seen in an escape room before. We only had to ask for a clue once and ended with 10 minutes and 20 seconds left on the clock. I also enjoyed the atmosphere as we were given flashlights before entering the dimly lit room. I would definitely recommend this escape room. I know we’re looking forward to the next one!”
“My sister’s birthday party was AMAZING at The Markey. We all agreed that it was a team building, thrilling puzzle and would definitely come to future rooms there!”
“This place is great for a double date! Reserving an escape room for 4 people ensures you have the room to yourself. We had an AWESOME time adventuring through the Tomb of the Forgotten. We had a few hints along the way, but none were too obvious to where we feel like we were handed the answer to it. Very well designed and operated! We will be coming back.”
“Wonderful! We loved how well made and thought out the tomb room was. It was interactive and engaging. It made for a wonderful date night. (:”
“Such a fun experience! We’ve been to several Escape Rooms and this one was just difficult enough to prove a challenge but not insurmountable. The setup was really well crafted and the staff was welcoming and explained everything clearly. Since we had kids with us this time, it was nice that the rules are a bit more forgiving. Thanks for a great time!”
“I was Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes in the desert, as I worked with my team to decipher codes and puzzles that unlocked cubbies and opened a wall! I had a fun-tastic day with my in-laws and daughter, I can’t wait to go back for another thrilling discovery.”
“It was just the two us trapped in ancient Egypt, trying to solve the puzzles before the sun went down, unfortunately we are still trapped in the tomb. This was a great outing, almost solved it utilizing only a few clues. Variety of puzzles to solve, good props, friendly family business, will be back when the next rooms open!”
“So much fun!”
“The Markey is an immersive, story-based experience that is fun for the whole family. It has beautiful original artwork and even the lighting adds to the story. I highly recommend The Markey for a fun challenge.”
“First time in an escape room. Well designed, exceptional staff. Most fun I’ve had in a while!!!!”
“Great attention to detail and unique puzzle design! A wide variety of puzzles all themed to the room, and a fun story to tie it together.”
“Super friendly staff, well-themed atmosphere, and a great puzzle design. Immersive, original, and so much fun!”
“5 stars”
“Had a wonderful time escaping Tomb of the Forgotten with my friend and his dad from out of town! We’ve done many escape rooms in many different states and this has to be one of the most well themed and creative rooms I’ve done in a long time, if not ever. I definitely suggest it if you’re looking for adventure!”
“My daughter and her classmates enjoyed the afternoon in the tomb. It was a fun competition with boys against girls. The kids enjoyed the puzzles! Several hours later and she’s still chatting about it. Thanks for the fun!”
“5 stars”
“By far the best escape room I have been a part of! The effort put into the escape room was amazing! Will definitely go again!”
“Our group of six had so much fun! The production was wonderful and each clue lined up perfectly! One of our favorites to-date and cannot wait to try their next room!”
“I absolutely loved The Tomb Of The Forgotten! Our group of 5 had a blast getting submerged in the story line and taking in the detailed room. The puzzles were very creative, fun, and the puzzles were almost all unique from any of the other 10+ rooms I've attempted to escape. The difficulty was perfect for our mix of new-comers as well as escape veterans. Each of us had the opportunity to solve some puzzles, and each puzzle had us all thinking together. I can't wait to try out their other rooms as they come out! The Markey provides a great team-building opportunity or just a great way to bond while getting lost (hopefully not entombed!) in another world. I highly recommend this room and this business.”
“This has to be the best escape room in Fort Collins! Not sure how they set up things behind the scenes, but you feel like you're Indiana Jones because you solve a puzzle in one room, and a door opens in the next room over! It's not the typical escape room where all the steps are just finding keys to unlock locks. They really did a great job keeping it fun and mysterious. Suzanne was also a great help in getting reservations set up for our large group. The whole experience was awesome. Thank you!!”
“Highly recommend, you can tell a lot of thought and care was put into the design and puzzles. Had a great time!!”
“Great storyline and props. I also loved the fact that you could play without having to join other smaller groups. If you have a group of at least 4, you don't need to share a room with strangers. The only one in Fort Collins that seems to allow this!”
“Great new room in town. One of the best we have done. A must do adventure. Can not wait for the next room to open.”
“Best escape room I've done! The puzzles were super engaging, and there was enough to do that no one felt left out, while still providing a unified narrative. Plenty of variety in the types of challenges. Can't wait to try more rooms here :)”
“Very fun and innovative escape room.
I did the Egyptian Archaeology room they have and it was very well thought out. The puzzles were innovative and difficult, but satisfying, and it never felt like it ground to a halt, there was always more to do. Excellent room, deeply enjoyable.”
“Had a fantastic experience at The Markey. It was fun, challenging, and mysterious. As someone who didn’t think they’d be the sort who enjoys escape rooms per se, I stand corrected! Highly recommended.”
“This was the BEST time! The staff is incredible, the room is amazing, and the games were so engaging and challenging. I almost wish I hadn't done it just so I can just do it again for the first time!!! So fun. so much detail. executed so well.”
“The Markey Escape Room was such an amazing and unique experience. I highly recommend it!”
“Great staff, nice central location (brewery adjacent!), nice atmosphere, and just the right balance of accessible and challenging. Highly recommended.”
“Really engaging staff with a great level of commitment to the story of the room. The room itself was fantastic! Challenging puzzles, but we never felt like the puzzles were too challenging to be fun. The atmosphere of the room is very well developed. I found myself quickly shedding my inhibitions and committing to the story of the room. It was a wonderful adventure to be found right in Midtown. Can't wait to see where this business goes!”
“Great experiance, nice people and the room was awesome!”
“The Tomb of the Forgotten is very well thought out and well done. I had a great time helping to unravel the secrets within. I can't wait for the other rooms to be completed.”
“Really good room with fun, innovative puzzles and a great atmosphere. I did the Ancient Egypt room and it was phenomenal. Good for people of all ages. I went with a group of 4 total which was perfect, doing it with more might get a little crowded.”
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The Markey
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1611 S. College Ave Ste 130
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(970) 449-9792

Located in the southwest (SW) corner of College and Prospect.
Just south of Bawarchi, past the outdoor stairs, on the first level.